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Greenwoods awarded “The Golden Yangtze River Award - the Role Model in the Fund Management Industry for Year 2015” by Securities Times

On December 4th, 2015,Greenwoods was awarded “The Golden Yangtze River Award to the Industry Role Model in the Fund Managers Management Industry for Year 2015” in Shenzhen,China, by Securities Times. Securities Times is an of ficial newspaper focusing on China’s equities market,and is one of the newspapers appointed by Chinese financial regulators,such as CSRC, CBRC,and CIRC,for official disclosures. 
Mr.George Jiang,founder and Chief Investment Officer of Greenwoods,comments,“All our team members at Greenwoods are delighted to receive the Golden Yangtze River Award from Securities Times,because this is a recognition of our unique investment approach and institutionalized operation by such a reputable media in China’s securities industry”. 

Greenwoods is an investment management company specializing in managing funds investing into China companies.With the investment philosophy of value-investing and investment strategy based on fundamental research,Greenwoods is known for its investment researches and long-term track records of investments in China equities since 2004.